Duke Blue Devils vs. Virginia Tech Hokies: 1st Half Highlights


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  • YungᏔᏆᏞᏞ
    YungᏔᏆᏞᏞ  7 months back

    VT didnt run banana swirl

    • Benjamin BtMcdoodle
      Benjamin BtMcdoodle  7 months back

      How is that not a goal tend though

      • Jeromegsxr Groover
        Jeromegsxr Groover  7 months back


        • leon thedon
          leon thedon  7 months back

          Tht block got me too hype fam

          • Ahmed Ahmed
            Ahmed Ahmed  7 months back

            YES, LET'S GO HOKIES

            • Joshua Lee
              Joshua Lee  7 months back

              The player in the thumbnail looks like KD

              • Ella Goodin
                Ella Goodin  7 months back

                Duke all the way they winning in my bracket

              • Shauna Storms
                Shauna Storms  7 months back

                Go VT!

                • Noony Doody
                  Noony Doody  7 months back

                  Anyone else want duke but needs duke to lose for their bracket

                • The Fantastic Noobs
                  The Fantastic Noobs  7 months back

                  Lets goooo Dukeeeeee!!!! 🤩😂❤️❤️🙏🥰😘😍🥳

                  • Peter
                    Peter  7 months back

                    This dude Hill getting buckets though. Still rooting for Duke

                    • Marty Soderberg
                      Marty Soderberg  7 months back

                      Zion a man amongst boys

                      • Annette Hines
                        Annette Hines  7 months back

                        Lets go VT

                        • Kid Havana
                          Kid Havana  7 months back

                          Zion will lead in points & RJ in assists. No 1 & 3 of the draft
                          *save this message*

                          • NSL Rube
                            NSL Rube  7 months back

                            Where’s reddish

                            • The Fantastic Noobs
                              The Fantastic Noobs  7 months back

                              Yeah he hurt his knee, its terrible. I wanted to seem cam play tonight but yeah he is injured. 😕😭😢😪

                            • Micah Hanly
                              Micah Hanly  7 months back

                              Clutch God_hyper injured

                          • Riley Pienkowski
                            Riley Pienkowski  7 months back

                            Go Hokies !!!

                            • pickle man
                              pickle man  7 months back

                              C’mon Virginia tech

                            • Corbin 2022
                              Corbin 2022  7 months back

                              LET’S GO DUKE👿💙🏀🔥! LET’S START OFF STRONG THIS 2ND HALF💪!