NBA Offense: HORNS Playbook Volume 1


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  • E t
    E t  7 months back

    What's a good offense to run with a guard heavy team?

    • Lan Li
      Lan Li  1 years back

      What i actually learn is...


      • LaToya Sam
        LaToya Sam  1 years back

        The illuminati playbook. Thats how games are rigged

        • lPlanetarizado
          lPlanetarizado  2 years back

          vol.2? I really like this kind of videos, I learn a lot!!

          • My Basketball Training
            My Basketball Training  2 years back

            First part of Unicaja offense analysis! Horns type play by Joan Plaza. So easy for your teams. Check it out at:
            There is also published a youtube video with some variations of the play by coach Joan Plaza . Also with real examples from last week euroleague game!

            • ORA ORA ORA
              ORA ORA ORA  3 years back

              I never noticed how often teams set these plays up. awesome vid!

              • Yoon Suk Oh
                Yoon Suk Oh  3 years back

                why does it called "horns"? Anything looks like a horn?

                • 陈家慈
                  陈家慈  4 years back

                  Nice job Coach!

                  • 2P NGAME
                    2P NGAME  4 years back

                    May you upload Zipper series playbook? please.

                    • martypython
                      martypython  4 years back

                      Horns is the 4-2-3-1 of basketball. Perfect symmetry to create movement going either way.

                    • Josh Egelman
                      Josh Egelman  4 years back

                      This is sad after watching this I still can't figure it what horns is.Can someone tell me?

                    • Mistmix110
                      Mistmix110  4 years back

                      Triangle Triple Post Offense Please!!!!!

                    • William Lee
                      William Lee  4 years back

                      coach, i always think horn is ineffective against zone. Any counter to that?

                      • Jackson Anderson
                        Jackson Anderson  3 years back

                        you can attack the zone its attacking the open spots

                    • TheStephensonson
                      TheStephensonson  4 years back

                      Awesome video coach! It would be better if you can help us throughout the video, like breaking down each play, but its still awesome!

                      • BBALLBREAKDOWN
                        BBALLBREAKDOWN   4 years back

                        Thanks! Did u see our horns plays of the week from last year?

                    • Jackson martin
                      Jackson martin  4 years back

                      a lot of these plays have 3 things: complete aggressive players that just go down and do a lot of moves to get a shot, 2 a dunk or layup, 3 a tough shot. Not many open shots just ball movement and a contested shot or someone driving in and kicking out. I do like the offense tho. not many at all were similar in sets or personnel. didn't pick up on many of the plays to be similar at all. good basketball tho

                      • Windy City7
                        Windy City7  4 years back

                        Coach can you give us the name of the song I search on Anno Domnini channel and I can't find it

                      • Baller Doge
                        Baller Doge  4 years back

                        my favorite set!

                        • Hardwood Jungle
                          Hardwood Jungle  4 years back

                          This vid is so necessary! Can't wait for the elevator sets out of horns.

                        • BBALL
                          BBALL  4 years back

                          what do you mean by horns playbook GKIA?

                          • Franz Liszt
                            Franz Liszt  4 years back

                            Nice! I want Horns Play of the Week segment back for the next season!!!

                            • BBALLBREAKDOWN
                              BBALLBREAKDOWN   4 years back

                              I might resurrect it. It kept getting less and less views.... 😯

                          • haepi saus
                            haepi saus  4 years back

                            really nice ball movement, this really exploits the inability of the opponent to keep up with the ball with two wings that pull two defenders to the corners

                            • BBALLBREAKDOWN
                              BBALLBREAKDOWN   4 years back

                              Also pulls 2 big men away from basket and opens it up

                          • eg13000
                            eg13000  4 years back

                            I thought this was a conversation not a channel. Don't conversations need words?

                            • BBALLBREAKDOWN
                              BBALLBREAKDOWN   4 years back

                              Sometimes it's nice to sit back, enjoy the tunes, and the action... 👍💪🏀

                          • Dan
                            Dan  4 years back

                            Love these style of videos coach!

                          • Matt Sheridan
                            Matt Sheridan  4 years back

                            has half court basketball been more fun to watch ever? I think not. NBA has really improved its product in the last ten years.

                          • ArtKO171
                            ArtKO171  4 years back

                            A one system with multiples options, and not so complicate. Perfect ^^ thanks for this euh medley or mix on this coach.

                            • ArtKO171
                              ArtKO171  4 years back

                              +BBALLBREAKDOWN Anno Domini is a very good choice for me yep ;) I hope that the cavs will play with Love in an entire game. It's a big key for me. When he's in, the Cavs are likely unbeattables.
                              More Love for the Cavs ^^

                            • BBALLBREAKDOWN
                              BBALLBREAKDOWN   4 years back

                              Thanks! You digging the music?

                          • Mark Ding
                            Mark Ding  4 years back

                            Can u. Keep doing this

                          • mr eojballer
                            mr eojballer  4 years back

                            inbound plays

                            • donkeydonk127
                              donkeydonk127  4 years back

                              The Raptors one looked so off lol

                              • StevenK
                                StevenK  4 years back

                                +donkeydonk127 cause ISO Casey+Lou

                            • CP3
                              CP3  4 years back

                              Thats amazing, half court hoops is such an underrated channel in the youtube basketball community!!

                            • mlee251252253254
                              mlee251252253254  4 years back

                              if wish they'd explain what each play is. as a non-basketball player, i have no idea what's going on.

                              • mlee251252253254
                                mlee251252253254  4 years back

                                thanks! very helpful!

                              • BBALLBREAKDOWN
                                BBALLBREAKDOWN   4 years back


                              • abdoalsmoudi1
                                abdoalsmoudi1  4 years back

                                +mlee251252253254 watch the high post (the two big men), and watch how they rotate off the ball. Every play is some sort of variation of that. Hope it helps!

                              • KY Li
                                KY Li  4 years back

                                He used to but he got busy with other things.

                            • Escobar Furious Sr.
                              Escobar Furious Sr.  4 years back

                              Can the NBA season just start already? =(

                            • wunlam pak
                              wunlam pak  4 years back

                              Horn is one big philosophy of basketball offence set. A good coach should utilise as much offensive set based on the player they have. Look at coach pop, Kerr, rivers, they were not only using horn, but also combine different offensive philosophy like triangle, motion, even pick and roll master. Not a single offence philosophy can dominate, but horn is the most efficient set to operate as well as combine different offensive set to coach playbook.

                              • Tyrone
                                Tyrone  4 years back

                                Do advanced elevator sets!And great job on this vid coach

                              • Quenten Cox
                                Quenten Cox  4 years back

                                name of song?

                                • James Dolan
                                  James Dolan  4 years back

                                  Nice series

                                  • Tristin2k
                                    Tristin2k  4 years back

                                    Is this really definitive? We didn't even see basic plays such as horns flex

                                  • booleanmaster
                                    booleanmaster  4 years back

                                    wish there was commenting on it though.

                                    • Chris Hines
                                      Chris Hines  4 years back


                                      • Drunk Bastard
                                        Drunk Bastard  4 years back

                                        Good vid! And nice beat by Anno Domini. Those beats keep popping up here on Youtube in the basketball community. :)

                                      • Vic
                                        Vic  4 years back


                                        • Zaxtee
                                          Zaxtee  4 years back

                                          Damn I only know how to run fist and floppy plays

                                          • John Griller
                                            John Griller  4 years back

                                            Coach, is it safe to say that Horns is the most effective play in High Level Basketball or even Basketball as a whole?

                                            • BBALLBREAKDOWN
                                              BBALLBREAKDOWN   4 years back

                                              I've got to wait til the season starts to make sure they're actually going to run it.

                                            • Swaggy L
                                              Swaggy L  4 years back

                                              +BBALLBREAKDOWN coach I thought you were going to make a vid on the Lakers Princeton offense

                                            • BBALLBREAKDOWN
                                              BBALLBREAKDOWN   4 years back

                                              +John Griller I think it's up there for sure

                                          • CarBonRow
                                            CarBonRow  4 years back


                                          • RaiXVortex
                                            RaiXVortex  4 years back

                                            aka the illuminati playbook

                                            • LaToya Sam
                                              LaToya Sam  1 years back

                                              Thats illuminati written all over it.

                                            • RaiXVortex
                                              RaiXVortex  4 years back


                                            • Drunk Bastard
                                              Drunk Bastard  4 years back

                                              It's funny though that there are genuinely people out there who think that NBA players are "Illuminati" when they call for a horns play... Or when they celebrate a three pointer with the A-ok sign.

                                          • Ivan karetić
                                            Ivan karetić  4 years back


                                            • Ivan karetić
                                              Ivan karetić  4 years back

                                              +BBALLBREAKDOWN im also in coach nick! great video btw, keep up the good work :D

                                            • BBALLBREAKDOWN
                                              BBALLBREAKDOWN   4 years back

                                              +Ivan karetić I'm IN

                                            • Ivan karetić
                                              Ivan karetić  4 years back

                                              +Jamar Brown your mom does though