2015.01.11 Duke Blue Devils at NC State Wolfpack Basketball


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  • Scott Corbett
    Scott Corbett  3 months back

    Duke won the 2015 NCAA Championship

    • Andrew Vaden
      Andrew Vaden  2 years back

      Who won the Championship that year though 🤔

      • Tatiana Velasco
        Tatiana Velasco  2 years back

        Student section once again!

        • tamaira mcghee
          tamaira mcghee  4 years back

          Duke is the best team I love

          • Brent Mertz
            Brent Mertz  4 years back

            NC state is ranked 17 on espn ranked 25 every where else because of Trevor lacey

            • Nathaniel Byers
              Nathaniel Byers  4 years back

              Great win for the Wolf Pack! As a 76ers fan however, I'm excited about what Ohkafor can do for the team!

              • Itv Bully
                Itv Bully  4 years back

                That's how it was wen my cousin hit a buzzer vs simeon

                • Big Dave
                  Big Dave  4 years back

                  NC State was a very dangerous team this past season when they played like this. Took down my Dukies, then Louisville and UNC on the road late in the season and Villanova in the Tourney. IMO Trevor Lacey made a mistake declaring a year early which sucks for NC State, but I do get that he was an older prospect for his class at age 24 and wanted to start making some cash.
                  BTW great video quality on the game. I wish all people who made videos for these games would have this quality to them.

                  • Alyssa Bernard
                    Alyssa Bernard  4 years back

                    DUKE, GO BLUE DEVILS < 3 x

                    • Aric Goss
                      Aric Goss  5 years back

                      1:18:18 have you ever seen a coach embrace a ref like that?  Coach K needs to be in the NBA with this grade-A manipulation of referees. also kid at 1:18:59 is like "whoa"

                      • robert tent
                        robert tent  5 years back

                        It's always awesome to see an underdog overcome a powerhouse. And it's extra sweet to see Duke, of all teams, humbled by an unranked, home state rival. One of the best sights in sports is when the fans storm the court or field after a home win. Go Pack!!! And long live the memory of Coach Jimmy V.

                        • patrickbama1234
                          patrickbama1234  5 years back

                          Thanks for posting..great game!

                          • Holyfriedeggs
                            Holyfriedeggs  5 years back


                            • Kali Rogers-Smith
                              Kali Rogers-Smith  5 years back

                              I've seen 1:26:51-1:27:05 way more than several times already.  That block by Cody and dunk by BJ was so clutch.   #GoPack  

                              • Chris
                                Chris  5 years back

                                gig'em Pack

                                • Travis Rhyne
                                  Travis Rhyne  5 years back

                                  Favorite play of the game starts at 59:10.  Anya block party > Sulaimon offensive foul.  Afterwards Sulaimon looks like an evil Disney villain that smells a fart.  The run starts after the TV timeout.

                                  • Travis Rhyne
                                    Travis Rhyne  5 years back

                                    Washington mean mug at 32:26

                                    • tribbs007
                                      tribbs007  5 years back


                                      • Burke
                                        Burke  5 years back

                                        Thanks!  Nice win by the pack.