Duke Blue Devils BEST Team Highlights from 2019 NCAA March Madness! EPIC Plays, Dunks, Blocks!


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  • Zachary Edwards
    Zachary Edwards  4 weeks back

    They didn't win th2 championship so why are we acting like they did?

    • Ethan Kirby
      Ethan Kirby  3 months back

      DeLauir a beast blocking everyone 👀

      • NewAgeStation
        NewAgeStation  5 months back


        • Sambo Stubbs
          Sambo Stubbs  5 months back

          I really wish #4 from Zions highschool team would come to Duke and complete the #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

          • The Real Cody Bersick
            The Real Cody Bersick  7 months back


            • B Dub
              B Dub  7 months back

              OVER-RATED clap clap clap-clap-clap

              • Zeke
                Zeke  7 months back

                Bob Huggins > Coach k

                • KT4life
                  KT4life  7 months back

                  So we all just gone ignore 7:07

                  • Hokage Ultra Instinct Gogeta

                    0:38 tf wuz that sream lol

                    • Jesse Umeh
                      Jesse Umeh  7 months back

                      Freshman’s can’t win you the championship anymore

                      • Aiken Volders
                        Aiken Volders  7 months back

                        Is this a Zion highlight

                        • Ledall Dixon
                          Ledall Dixon  7 months back

                          They loss🤷‍♂️

                          • DaQuan
                            DaQuan  7 months back

                            One day Zion, rj, cam, and tre will team up and become nba champions

                            • DaQuan
                              DaQuan  7 months back

                              Duke landed the greatest recruiting class of all time and didn’t make it to the final four? FIRE COACH K

                              • LaBum Blames
                                LaBum Blames  7 months back

                                Coach K is the most overrated coach of all time

                                Won't let Zion run the point

                                Won't let them push the pace

                                A shit defense

                                Always gives the ball to rj

                                Never got to the finals 4 with a ton of superteams

                                No pick n rolls with Zion

                                Doesn't use players correctly

                                List goes on and on

                                • APG Paintbrush Yeah
                                  APG Paintbrush Yeah  1 months back

                                  Look man he had a bad year but when you have so much talent on one team its hard to give the ball to everyone everyone wants to do there own thing and there usually selfish but go back and watch the older highlights of k anm you will know why he is the 🐐

                                • Chris Gallegos
                                  Chris Gallegos  7 months back

                                  I agree

                                • Jamaal King
                                  Jamaal King  7 months back

                                  10 9 8 76ers nah your wrong my guy. Seems like you only watched march madness. All year whenever one of the 4 freshman grabbed a rebound they pushed immediately, you can’t do that this deep into the year when teams know that’s what duke wants to do so the get back on defense. And Duke was Top 10 on defense all year with Tre and Zion being semi finalists for DPOY.

                                • LaBum Blames
                                  LaBum Blames  7 months back

                                  @Jamaal King he doesn't let Zion or rj push the pace. They just give it to tre and slow it down and his defense is trash.

                                • Jamaal King
                                  Jamaal King  7 months back

                                  K definitely had a down year in terms of coaching due to his lack of an actual offense but your definitely wrong when you say a shit defense and they don’t push the pace.

                              • LaBum Blames
                                LaBum Blames  7 months back

                                Rj is a ball hog

                                • Typsy
                                  Typsy  7 months back

                                  ESPN doesn't know what to talk about now. No more Duke no Zion no ESPN 😂

                                  • lil gabeo
                                    lil gabeo  7 months back


                                    • Graham Bridges
                                      Graham Bridges  7 months back

                                      How bout u post the winners lol