Morning After Cowboys Smack The Eagles|| Laughing At Eagle Shirley | 515-606-5187 Access code 309104

  • Published: 21 October 2019
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Comments • 25

  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous  3 weeks back

    Well we did do some blitzing which we havent been doing

    • JR 214
      JR 214  3 weeks back


      • Javier Fernandez
        Javier Fernandez  3 weeks back

        Maybe. She. Needs. To. Go. Play. For. Them eagleares

        • Javier Fernandez
          Javier Fernandez  3 weeks back

          Her. Name. Is. Shirley eagleare

          • Javier Fernandez
            Javier Fernandez  3 weeks back

            His. Name. Is. Nelson. Eaglelar

            • Gator mann
              Gator mann  3 weeks back

              Good win for the Boys

              • Demetric Jackson
                Demetric Jackson  3 weeks back

                If you watch sound of the game..I absolutely love and got so pumped up when D-LAW went to Mr. Collins. Can the Lineman get a Amen.

                • Sacerdotus Fidelis
                  Sacerdotus Fidelis  3 weeks back

                  Dead as fried eagle

                  • Rob Miljus
                    Rob Miljus  3 weeks back

                    Shirley for next Eagles GM. Make it happen Mr. Laurie.

                    • Deeze Nuttz
                      Deeze Nuttz  3 weeks back

                      Garret could get us a super bowl and I’d still wanna get rid of em

                      • dtowntexg
                        dtowntexg  3 weeks back

                        Don't be surprised if the Jets win tonight

                        • dtowntexg
                          dtowntexg  3 weeks back

                          @Garrett I'm sp trash for that comment 😂😂

                        • Garrett
                          Garrett  3 weeks back

                          dtowntexg lol

                      • River Valley University

                        The Eagles are the only team to have lost to the Atlanta Falcons. Let that sink in.

                        • Milkweed Gaming
                          Milkweed Gaming  3 weeks back

                          But we were the only team who lost to the jets

                      • Cleveland Brown
                        Cleveland Brown  3 weeks back

                        Yo Voch, do you believe in the conspiracy some Cowboys fans are saying that the reason we lost those 3 games because Jason Garrett was suppressing Kellen Moore to do his plays? I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

                        • Jochen Schütz
                          Jochen Schütz  3 weeks back

                          I personally highly doubt it, but people are really running with it

                      • Carlos Juan
                        Carlos Juan  3 weeks back

                        good win cowboys

                        • nu life
                          nu life  3 weeks back

                          I'm from Philly...she kills me every week after they lose..Go Cowboys

                          • Milkweed Gaming
                            Milkweed Gaming  3 weeks back

                            Eagle Shirley sound like she ate too many cigarette buds

                            • Nicolas Garcia
                              Nicolas Garcia  3 weeks back

                              We are blessed to have lee and then when lee leaves we have Gifford who also looked good..

                            • Delton Roberts
                              Delton Roberts  3 weeks back

                              Build off of that win, turn it down for what, foot on the gas Cowboys!

                              • dallascowboysfanjdg
                                dallascowboysfanjdg  3 weeks back

                                cowboys back on track let's keep it rolling