CBB 13/14 #17 Duke Blue Devils vs #2 Syracuse Orange 02/01/14 (Full Game)


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  • max tyson
    max tyson  8 months back

    rasheed is one of my favorite college basketball players of all time because of this

    • Wario and Waluigi Show
      Wario and Waluigi Show  9 months back

      Almost 5 years later, Syracuse just beat Duke AGAIN!!!

    • Chichi Sims
      Chichi Sims  9 months back

      great hedge at 13:16

      • Nicholas Barranco
        Nicholas Barranco  10 months back

        1:29:06 the clock started even though the player didn’t touch the ball

        • tmd1
          tmd1  1 years back

          I loved Sulaimon because of his ability to penetrate. When the Duke offense became stagnant, he would take it upon myself to knife through the defense and find the open man. One hell of a game by Sheed.

          • Foster Kesselring
            Foster Kesselring  2 years back

            Let’s go orange

            • Mike Mena
              Mike Mena  2 years back

              Christmas is such a little bitch lol

              • Mike Mena
                Mike Mena  2 years back

                Still one of the best college bball games of all time imo, it's just sad that the result had to be determined by the refs in the end

                • Clint N
                  Clint N  2 years back

                  dick is a dick

                  • Ibn Abideen
                    Ibn Abideen  2 years back

                    Tyler Ennis is such a good old school point guard, slows the game down, keeps everything under control for his team

                    • Justin Knust
                      Justin Knust  2 years back

                      I loved him at Syracuse and I hope he pulls it together and becomes successful in the NBA. He's still young at 23, but he's already on his 4th NBA team, so hopefully he can make it last and get some minutes to prove himself.

                  • Keon Alexander
                    Keon Alexander  2 years back

                    As a Duke fan, one thing about Coach K that really pisses me off is that HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO RUN A ZONE OFFENSE. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT AT THIS TIME, BOEHEIM WAS HIS ASSISTANT COACH FOR THE USA TEAM AND NOT KNOW HOW TO GO AGAINST A ZONE LET ALONE DEFEND IT? Coach K is far from perfect in my eyes, still a die hard Duke fan. I call it how I see it!!!!

                    • Emily Winton
                      Emily Winton  3 years back

                      cuse on top

                      • sifujamie
                        sifujamie  3 years back

                        32:43 "national autistic day" lol common, dick

                        • Jemaine Trotter
                          Jemaine Trotter  3 years back

                          This was one of the best games I watched.

                          • Blake
                            Blake  3 years back

                            WOW ! Even seeing this again two years later, it still gives me goose bumps. One of the best, most intense and most fun games I ever saw. Neither team gave a inch. It was a knock down drag out battle, from start to finish. Two great programs, and two great coaches. An All Time classic.

                            • RockSmith1988
                              RockSmith1988  4 years back

                              i remember how hard espn was pushing this game trying to self fabricate a rivalry

                              • Blake
                                Blake  3 years back

                                @RockSmith1988 I didn't think ESPN went to far. The game was hyped for naturally, but that is a the way fans and media are. This time the game lived up to the hype, and then some... LOL

                              • RockSmith1988
                                RockSmith1988  3 years back

                                +Bobby L im not taking anything away from the teams or the game how could i the game was a classic for sure but just what you said only time would tell if its a rivalry but if you would listen to espn they were trying to promote it something it clearly wasnt at the time ... they were going strictly off the two coaches and there programs just was a bit much i think

                              • Blake
                                Blake  3 years back

                                If that's the first memory you have about a great game like this, then I fear that you missed the boat bro. Those kids on both teams played their hearts out from start to finish.
                                ESPN didn't try and "fabricate" any. They merely fed off the juice that was naturally there among the fans and the teams. Only time will tell if this goes on to be a great rivalry 5, 10, 20 yeas into the future.

                            • LopsidedCircle
                              LopsidedCircle  4 years back

                              FINAL FOUR

                              • lazerlazer
                                lazerlazer  4 years back

                                I'm a graduate of Pitt and was there at Jim Boeheim's first year coaching at Syracuse. I'm a huge Pitt Football fan but just as big a fan of Cuse basketball. I'm from Scranton, Pennsylvania and I've been a Syracuse basketball fan WAY BEFORE there was a "Gmac." Truthfully, all I wanted in this game, with a huge sellout crowd, was a Syracuse win and a incredibly well played game on BOTH sides. Objectively speaking, at least for Syracuse because I'm sure you can find just as many things on Duke's behalf (I think ;) ) was that I saw numerous times 3 Syracuse defensive players under the glass and the ball would bounce within a foot of the one Duke player under his offensive glass. I'm in my mid 50s and I used to run with the Pitt basketball team during "unofficial" practices so I sort of know my basketball. And I want to say something that is nothing new and that is:
                                 THERE IS A LOT OF LUCK involved in this sport. In ALL of sports. I guess that's just a "DUH"  statement and I understand that, but this game may have been won by a much wider margin by Syracuse. Rebuttals are VERY MUCH encouraged thank you.

                                • Alex H
                                  Alex H  4 years back

                                  I'd just like to point out how clutch Christmas was in this game. He got 2 Duke players out, including their best player, by embellishing their fouls on him. Very smart on his part.

                                  • Cuse #44
                                    Cuse #44  4 years back

                                    Been watching Cuse since the Louie & Bowie era 79' best game they ever played, including all the G'towns and the 03' Kansas game, awesome!

                                    • Jay Kang
                                      Jay Kang  4 years back

                                      That Syracuse 2-3 zone is flat out scary.

                                      • Nick Beratta
                                        Nick Beratta  4 years back

                                        Best sports game I have ever been 2

                                        • patrickbama1234
                                          patrickbama1234  4 years back

                                          @7:45 on right wow she' amazing!
                                          by the way at 185,386 views, I'd say this is viral.

                                          • Alpha24
                                            Alpha24  5 years back

                                            How hard is it to walk onto a team like these?

                                          • Aurelius Metoyer
                                            Aurelius Metoyer  5 years back

                                            i thought that guys jersey said al jefferson at the begging

                                            • Jordan Davis
                                              Jordan Davis  5 years back

                                              How do you look at games like this and the UNC game and say cj fair went undrafted and Tyler Ennis went 18? Cj fair deserved to be drafted and Tyler ennis should have been a lottery pick

                                              • BradyWinslow
                                                BradyWinslow  5 years back

                                                I dint know your aloud to do zone defense in basketball it takes out the dunks

                                                • KrypTeK
                                                  KrypTeK  2 years back

                                                  BradyWinslow you can at every level except the NBA I think

                                              • MrBlueD3V1L
                                                MrBlueD3V1L  5 years back


                                                • Bryan Hoo
                                                  Bryan Hoo  5 years back

                                                  If only Syracuse wouldn't flop

                                                  • dzdude100
                                                    dzdude100  5 years back

                                                    i know they suck this year

                                                • MrEngine33
                                                  MrEngine33  5 years back

                                                  yes they won

                                                  • Evan Newman
                                                    Evan Newman  5 years back

                                                    How do you record this? With a TV Tuner or something free?

                                                    • TheChampionKid
                                                      TheChampionKid  5 years back


                                                      • Sal Smoove
                                                        Sal Smoove  5 years back

                                                        that was a classic nailbitter

                                                        • Marvel_mercedes
                                                          Marvel_mercedes  5 years back

                                                          thanks a bunch i'm going to show this to my basketball team for the next film session 

                                                          • Nikke Nakuttaja
                                                            Nikke Nakuttaja  5 years back

                                                            1:29:32 FOUL!!!!!

                                                            • Trey Vert
                                                              Trey Vert  2 years back

                                                              Kartkid024 OK? You must be feeling some type of way about it to 😂 The guy is cussing him out and calling him names. He's obviously mad. You're really backwards 😂

                                                            • Kartkid024
                                                              Kartkid024  2 years back

                                                              You said he was mad, but then put sad faces. It was a joke....A really bad joke. Nothing more.

                                                            • Trey Vert
                                                              Trey Vert  2 years back

                                                              Kartkid024 Okay?

                                                            • Kartkid024
                                                              Kartkid024  2 years back

                                                              Trey Vert, those are sad faces not mad faces.

                                                            • Trey Vert
                                                              Trey Vert  2 years back

                                                              blown22 You're mad😭😭😭

                                                          • walterlv01
                                                            walterlv01  5 years back

                                                            Never would have guessed after this game that neither team would make it past the first weekend of the NCAA tournament. 

                                                            • Andy Hooky
                                                              Andy Hooky  5 years back

                                                              its a good thing they made youtube so i can comment.. the reason im watching this is cuz my job, its a lot like baseball, just standing around doing nothing.. lol

                                                              • Andy Hooky
                                                                Andy Hooky  5 years back

                                                                remember that day we watched ncaa basketball and football in the same day.. that day was the shitt!!

                                                            • mont brink
                                                              mont brink  5 years back

                                                              cuse fan since Billy Owens days love we in the acc. going to miss great big east match ups but looking forward to duke unc ncs and va. Pitt match up. it's going to b good for years to come.

                                                              • Jamie Zacharek
                                                                Jamie Zacharek  5 years back

                                                                The CUSE baby..... good luck next year Duke.....

                                                                • Gavin Thompson
                                                                  Gavin Thompson  4 years back

                                                                  Hahaha... #SweptYall #NattyChamps

                                                                • SportsNStuff
                                                                  SportsNStuff  5 years back

                                                                  +Jamie Zacharek Duke is doing a hell lot better than 'Cuse bro. Go Duke!!!

                                                                • Shayn Brown
                                                                  Shayn Brown  5 years back

                                                                  @blown22 nah

                                                                • blown22
                                                                  blown22  5 years back

                                                                  @Nikke Nakuttaja 1:32:24 uncalled flagrant 1

                                                                • Nikke Nakuttaja
                                                                  Nikke Nakuttaja  5 years back

                                                                  1:29:32 foul 

                                                              • patrickbama1234
                                                                patrickbama1234  5 years back

                                                                @ at 43:38 lol

                                                                • john stanley
                                                                  john stanley  5 years back

                                                                  and CJ Fair went undrafted...

                                                                  • The Scatman
                                                                    The Scatman  2 years back

                                                                    Fellow Cuse alum, here, who loved CJ, but he's an undersized small forward with lack of NBA speed, no long range J and can't go to his right!

                                                                  • Blake
                                                                    Blake  3 years back

                                                                    CJ Fair was silky smooth in this game. Slashing in the paint and shooting from outside. As Vitale said on the telecast, Fair and Grant were great bookends forCise to have on the wings.

                                                                  • Noah Woodrum
                                                                    Noah Woodrum  5 years back

                                                                    I wish the bulls wouldve drafted him instead of fucking bairstow

                                                                • Mike G
                                                                  Mike G  5 years back

                                                                  Cj and jerami rockin the concords I like

                                                                  • Gerald Quarcoo
                                                                    Gerald Quarcoo  5 years back

                                                                    The Syracuse defense doesn't respect Marshall Plumlee's mid range

                                                                    • Gerald Quarcoo
                                                                      Gerald Quarcoo  5 years back

                                                                      Damn good game chale

                                                                      • ryan lafex
                                                                        ryan lafex  6 years back

                                                                        This game still gives me chills. #CuseNation

                                                                        • NYRfan4Life
                                                                          NYRfan4Life  6 years back

                                                                          That was one hell of a game!!!
                                                                          To all Duke fans out there...
                                                                          You have no reason to hang your heads down after a game like that. I think it's fair to say that we (the Syracuse Nation) earned your respect just as much as you earned ours.
                                                                          Props to all you on that night.

                                                                          • Chris and trev
                                                                            Chris and trev  6 months back

                                                                            I respect you

                                                                          • Blake
                                                                            Blake  3 years back

                                                                            There were a number of calls on Cuse that shouldn't have been called too, and calls in this game that could have gone either way, so that's complete BS on your part. Things tend to even out over the term of a game. This was a great game l, and the kids on both teams played their hearts out. Fans do both teams a disservice and show disrespect to both teams, by trying to say the game was won or lost because of the refs. To me, that's just being blame narrow focused. This game was an All Time classic, and that's the important thing.

                                                                          • Jon S
                                                                            Jon S  5 years back

                                                                            @Lanette Bates When one team looks to get the ball inside all game and the other looks to launch 3's all game.....don't be surprised when the team that goes inside shoots more FT's.   

                                                                          • Lanette Bates
                                                                            Lanette Bates  5 years back

                                                                            i'm not a duke fan but yeah no reason to hang head cause they lost game because of the refs. Not saying refs were playing favorites but apart from the no call on the flagrant syracuse got every call.

                                                                        • Ralph Jones
                                                                          Ralph Jones  6 years back

                                                                          pretty tough to win when it's 8 on 5.

                                                                          • Pro Reactor
                                                                            Pro Reactor  1 years back

                                                                            Ralph Jones look at these butthurt duke fans complaining about the officiating

                                                                        • Ben C - Mobile Gaming & More

                                                                          i got really nervous at the end for syracuse