All-Time Duke Blue Devils ft. Kyrie Irving, Christian Laettner, Grant Hill - NBA 2K19 MyTeam


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  • mercermike49
    mercermike49  7 months back

    Bob Verga

    • Jordan Smith
      Jordan Smith  7 months back

      How do you pull the chair on someone in the post? I saw you do that when Tatum got posted up by Bird

      • Jordan Smith
        Jordan Smith  7 months back

        Bud22089 appreciate it!

      • Bud22089
        Bud22089   7 months back

        l2 and flick the left analog stick up towards the rim

    • Bryan Batchelor
      Bryan Batchelor  7 months back

      Been watching for years. Still can’t get enough

      • Intent OVE
        Intent OVE  7 months back

        Should I get Grant Hill is my second pink diamond reward?

        • Jordan Smith
          Jordan Smith  7 months back

          Intent OVE did you already get Duncan? If so then yes...the only 2 pink diamond rewards that I have are grant hill and Duncan and they’re both phenomenal for me..hill is a great defender and has a smooth release

      • Miller 64
        Miller 64  7 months back

        Can you do an all time UVA with PD Ralph Sampson

        • kyle Branson
          kyle Branson  7 months back

          Shane battier. A stud. Favorite player of all time! 3 time national defensive player of the year

          • The Prophet
            The Prophet  7 months back

            Thank you u actually play a real game

            • Tron Woods
              Tron Woods  7 months back

              Waiting for the Pink Diamond Zion to be on the team next year

              • RichGang CEO
                RichGang CEO  7 months back

                watch 2k gonna give him base 11 as base card

            • LurkKing
              LurkKing  7 months back

              Great video bud Finally uses kyrie in 2k this year it’s about damn time

              • Diogo Costa
                Diogo Costa  7 months back

                how do you do the pull the chair move?

                • Gabriel Nuguit
                  Gabriel Nuguit  7 months back

                  Anybody else’s audio messed up on this?

                  • Sergio Ortiz Blanco
                    Sergio Ortiz Blanco  7 months back

                    Can you please tell me the creator of the logo of Duke?

                    • Bud22089
                      Bud22089   7 months back

                      da infamous ny on youtube.

                  • Jay Booker
                    Jay Booker  7 months back

                    Yo bud who you think gonna be the month player this time? Im hoping it's a usable player lol

                    • pizzaguy
                      pizzaguy  7 months back

                      I'd kinda like to see a big man but we did just get Greg Oden who I think is great so I don't even know anymore lmao