Week 8 Prep for Patriots | Cleveland Browns Daily 10/21


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  • Jay_Nova
    Jay_Nova  3 weeks back

    Wow, what a weak-ass coach so far. He's so combative against the media. No confidence and can't string together a competent thought.

    • Jay_Nova
      Jay_Nova  3 weeks back

      Please edit more.

      • badlandskid
        badlandskid  3 weeks back

        Best prep for Cleveland..... wear your brown pants.

        • Captain Ricco
          Captain Ricco  3 weeks back

          Hey everyone. We need more than prayer if we want to beat these Patriots. Jets are getting slaughtered. and Sam can't get the job done. Their defense is doing the best they can but it's not working. Everyone needs to beef up at this time and keep up the carbs and proteins eat plenty of steak. Porterhouse if you insist, but gobble it up. Meat!!! eat it raw... eggs bacon and eggs never mind the pancakes eat more sausage. Do it!!!! Those Pats are not slowing down!!!

          • DCUPtoejuice
            DCUPtoejuice  3 weeks back

            Don't be wussy, suit up Joe

            • Griff __14988941
              Griff __14988941  3 weeks back

              Sunday became a must win game after BAL won in SEA.

              No way they can lose to Pats & drop to 2-5 & expect a realistic chance at playoffs

              • Jrcbigdogg C
                Jrcbigdogg C  3 weeks back

                It's gettin' kinda' corny when you get the notification and their not saying anything!...LOL

                • THE SOURCE
                  THE SOURCE  3 weeks back

                  The Kareem to our coffee
                  The Hunt initiated

                  • doocieonu
                    doocieonu  3 weeks back

                    ACTION JACKSON is such a better qb and bigger penis then tiny gay baker

                    • Tr Tr
                      Tr Tr  3 weeks back

                      U weird....