Duke 2015 National Champions || HD Season Highlights


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  • MemeEnthusiast#24
    MemeEnthusiast#24  8 months back

    This team > 2019 team

    • Beat Junkie2016
      Beat Junkie2016  12 months back

      Quinn Cook dude so underrated, Warriors once again get lucky with this kid

        CHARLIE STRANGE  2 years back

        What a season! Great group of guys!! Duke 4 Life!

        • Baller City
          Baller City  2 years back

          4:16 that’s a neck😂

          • moneybag shawty
            moneybag shawty  2 years back

            This mixtape is timeless.

            • Tara Casey
              Tara Casey  3 years back

              Jayhawks Pierce Coach

              • Leo Martinez
                Leo Martinez  3 years back

                Am I the only one that thinks 5:00 to 5:05 reminds them of NBA 2k15-17

                • JavanieZe
                  JavanieZe  3 years back

                  The best duke roster ever dude!!

                  • Businessegy
                    Businessegy  8 months back

                    @Bellches100 yup duke proved with zion on the floor they are a one seed overall

                  • Bellches100
                    Bellches100  8 months back

                    Giannis antetkrurbemwjagw nah man number one overall seed. Zion carries this team on his back and it shows

                  • Businessegy
                    Businessegy  8 months back

                    Nope this one yet we're going to be a 2 seed lol

                  • Nasty Toes
                    Nasty Toes  2 years back

                    True Carter Justin Winslow was a dawg in college

                  • Carter Logan
                    Carter Logan  3 years back

                    JavanieZe you are right

                • janirwin16
                  janirwin16  3 years back

                  kentucy should have beaten wisconsin so we could have seen Kentucky vs Duke in the finals that would been a great match

                  • Nate
                    Nate  3 years back

                    that is so true, the calls in that game were rigged, BUT GO BLUE DEVILS.

                • 24 Enoch
                  24 Enoch  3 years back

                  what is the trumpet song called

                • Felix Hernandez
                  Felix Hernandez  4 years back

                  Song name?

                  • Gabbotraxx
                    Gabbotraxx  4 years back

                    what song is that

                    • Rasheed Shabazz
                      Rasheed Shabazz  4 years back

                      It was truly a magical run

                    • Void
                      Void  4 years back

                      I love them so much duke=life

                      • Tanner Coerr
                        Tanner Coerr  4 years back

                        I also know it's kind of a dick move to make two different comments, but was that Coach K Freaking out at 2:13??????

                        • Simply Me
                          Simply Me  4 years back

                          +Simply Me wasn't freaked out*

                        • Simply Me
                          Simply Me  4 years back

                          I know I'm late but he was freaked out he was telling his guys to get back on defense. Also he was excited because Virginia was undefeated until then.

                        • Tanner Coerr
                          Tanner Coerr  4 years back

                          I know, but through 35 years, i've never seen him go this crazy, except for maybe 2010 championship. When we won last year, Coach K didn't do anything. BTW, I'm pretty sure that Virginia was #2. Kentucky was #1 because they were all undefeated and shit

                      • Tanner Coerr
                        Tanner Coerr  4 years back

                        I'm Officially.........


                        • ChristianPerez 123
                          ChristianPerez 123  4 years back

                          Oh yeah

                          • brandonmc01
                            brandonmc01  4 years back

                            Got me ready for tomorrow night and March! Let's go Duke!!!

                            • Becca Jordan
                              Becca Jordan  4 years back

                              And now I'm crying. Love this team so much

                              • Blackshirt- D
                                Blackshirt- D  4 years back

                                The way this 2015 team jus jelled together was amazing to watch!! This yrs 2016 team, imo, has more talent but they jus havnt found the right way to play with each other. they are good, but they can be Legendary if they found a way to jell like last yrs squad. so awesome to watch that kind of talent on one team n play!!!

                                • Annette Bond
                                  Annette Bond  4 years back

                                  Wait till jayson Tatum frank Jackson Harry Giles and javin dellariur

                              • Blue Planet
                                Blue Planet  4 years back

                                I think Grayson Allen is cool

                                • Book of shadows contributor Brian

                                  Let's go duke

                                  • devilsarmy95
                                    devilsarmy95  4 years back

                                    Harry Giles just committed to Duke. Looks like another #1 recruiting class!

                                    • Babofreak Lp
                                      Babofreak Lp  4 years back

                                      Go Duke Blue Devils!! QCook is a straight up BEAST!!!!!!

                                      • CameronCrazie DiehardDukeFan

                                        Lets get #6!!! go blue devils!!!

                                        • Nicholas The Tennis Rat

                                          this video is poetry

                                          • Brandon Rautenberg
                                            Brandon Rautenberg  4 years back

                                            Legendary Squad that was

                                            • Benjamin Byrd
                                              Benjamin Byrd  4 years back

                                              tyus jones hit the dude with the basketball haha

                                              • Sasha Rhee
                                                Sasha Rhee  4 years back

                                                Only one dislike that must have been a UNC fan or Wisconsin fan

                                              • Drake Paras
                                                Drake Paras  4 years back

                                                Whats the song at the beginning

                                                • Bobby Birchfield
                                                  Bobby Birchfield  4 years back

                                                  Great job guys!!!!!

                                                  • julian harris
                                                    julian harris  4 years back

                                                    This video almost makes me cry. I fucking love basketball.

                                                    • KY FISHERMAN
                                                      KY FISHERMAN  4 years back

                                                      GO DUKE

                                                      • Fitzroy Campbell
                                                        Fitzroy Campbell  4 years back

                                                        CHILLS !! i love duke man !

                                                        • Evan Wu
                                                          Evan Wu  4 years back

                                                          Amazing achievement for a 8-person team! Let's do it again this year! Go Duke!

                                                          • Jamaria Stewart-king
                                                            Jamaria Stewart-king  4 years back

                                                            Can someone name the starting 5

                                                            • Drake Paras
                                                              Drake Paras  4 years back

                                                              Whoever disliked this was probably a Wisconsin fan

                                                              • Won't Marry You, I'll BURY YOU
                                                                Won't Marry You, I'll BURY YOU  4 years back

                                                                +Drake Paras (DPKICKS) Yep or a Michigan State fan or a Utah fan or Gonzaga fan or San Diego State fan or Robert Morris fan,

                                                            • Zion Brown
                                                              Zion Brown  4 years back

                                                              Tar Heel here, Congrats on having such a good team this year.

                                                              • Franco Colecchio
                                                                Franco Colecchio  4 years back

                                                                Love Duke Love the Traditions, the history, the great players that come out of duke. Just an amazing team to root for. I am a BlueDevil

                                                                • Jordan Godwin
                                                                  Jordan Godwin  4 years back

                                                                  What is the music you used called?

                                                                  • Alex English
                                                                    Alex English  4 years back

                                                                    Really enjoyed seeing some of this year's big plays in new angles.  Great job on the video.

                                                                    • WolfPackTV.TV
                                                                      WolfPackTV.TV  4 years back

                                                                      hey @Nick Colosimo hit me up at wolfpacktv.tv@gmail.com i have a great idea for a collab.

                                                                      • GINGER POWDER2214
                                                                        GINGER POWDER2214  4 years back

                                                                        Sniff sniff

                                                                        • kemadev
                                                                          kemadev  4 years back

                                                                          Great video. This was a great season. When I saw these players play together in that tough early start I knew they where special. Thanks Justice, Tyus, Jah and Quinn for a great season. Now we have reloaded and are in position to do it again.

                                                                          • Bipragya Bijay
                                                                            Bipragya Bijay  4 years back

                                                                            Amazing video! We should do really good again this season with the class we have this year

                                                                            • GwopGangPlow
                                                                              GwopGangPlow  4 years back

                                                                              I'm a Kentucky fan but I give Duke there credit when it's due but I'm excited we play them this year should be a good one

                                                                            • Draymond Lean
                                                                              Draymond Lean  4 years back

                                                                              Have you seen the recruiting class high school for duke this year? Ohhh man really talented players.

                                                                            • terrorofsesameST
                                                                              terrorofsesameST  4 years back

                                                                              @Bipragya Bijay YES SIR! What an amazing season last year was! When Justise Winslow started coming into his own I thought to myself that Duke was gonna be the team to beat! Best coach in the world, amazing freshman and even better leadership from their seniors in Cook and Jefferson. Jefferson I thought was the unsung hero in the championship game, he did a good job on Kaminsky I thought when Okafor was in foul trouble. 2016 repeat? One can hope!

                                                                            • Wyo Rob
                                                                              Wyo Rob  4 years back

                                                                              @Bipragya Bijay i agree

                                                                          • Phillip Yutzy
                                                                            Phillip Yutzy  4 years back

                                                                            Screwed by the refs

                                                                            • Alex Ing
                                                                              Alex Ing  4 years back

                                                                              I love this editing!

                                                                              • Dwight Cook
                                                                                Dwight Cook  4 years back

                                                                                This put the biggest smile on my face. Top notch job whoever made this. I have been a fan of duke like 29 years sense I was 4.