Alabama Crimson Tide vs Duke Blue Devils Full Game | 2019 College Football Week 1 | 08/31/2019


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  • Tommy C
    Tommy C  2 weeks back

    Skip thinks Harblaugh is a better coach than Coach Nick Saban ! Shannon take your name from him. He is Classless

    • 5dd
      5dd  2 weeks back

      Alabama was unimpressive. Hopefully, they will play better, later.

      • Michael Morgan
        Michael Morgan  2 weeks back

        Take out a few starters and this team is not the dominant team it had been last several years.

        • Mark Duran
          Mark Duran  2 weeks back

          What the hell you frickin idiot! This will be the last video of yours I watch.

          • keefo rizzo
            keefo rizzo  2 weeks back

            Will Alabama need a kicker to make a difference in the big ones???

            • wolfe 2701
              wolfe 2701  3 weeks back

              Chopped up showing only part of the game. Thumbs down.

              • Yates Massey
                Yates Massey  3 weeks back

                Bama had a turnover belt in 2015....way before Miami copied with the chain...

                • Jimmy The Gent
                  Jimmy The Gent  3 weeks back


                  • Bob Jones
                    Bob Jones  3 weeks back

                    The thugs are back ready to bully the SEC. Let see if Georgia can shut them down this year.

                    • Claudia Holmes
                      Claudia Holmes  3 weeks back

                      These announcers are so biased. I'm so glad my Bama CREAMED THEM!!!!

                      • Shane mike
                        Shane mike  3 weeks back

                        Duke offence sure is different from last year, New quarterback this year

                        • Fultonfalcons86
                          Fultonfalcons86  3 weeks back

                          Come on Nick where the hell is the running game it made Bama what it is today man!!! #RTR......

                          • Tommy C
                            Tommy C  2 weeks back

                            Same amount running as passing = National Championships ! I wouldn't question Nick... Just Saying. RTR!

                        • Defiant Truth
                          Defiant Truth  3 weeks back

                          Well, this is not the FULL game, but I still appreciate the upload, Skip and Shannon! :-)

                          • Judith Forgony
                            Judith Forgony  3 weeks back

                            Seems some of these announcers not favor Alabama, I wish them all the luck, same with the other team.

                            • RajunCajun34
                              RajunCajun34  3 weeks back

                              Learn to talk idiot. LSU gonna hand them a loss this year.

                          • Darin Malone
                            Darin Malone  3 weeks back

                            Duke loses 42-3 Bahahaha

                            • Claudia Holmes
                              Claudia Holmes  3 weeks back

                              After listening to those two a$$wipes and their pathetic "commentary", I admit to laughing so, so very hard!!
                              ROLL TIIIDE!!

                          • elden neemia
                            elden neemia  3 weeks back

                            what's up with this vid. now gotta go and find TD highlights...

                            • Donovan Shannon
                              Donovan Shannon  3 weeks back

                              you get a thumbs down, where are the BAMA TDS???

                              • LUCKY13 !
                                LUCKY13 !  3 weeks back

                                Another CUPCAKE schedule win for bama!

                                • JesusChristHomeSlice
                                  JesusChristHomeSlice  3 weeks back

                                  everyone plays a cupcake schedule Ohio St opened against FAU dude sit down

                                • Donovan Shannon
                                  Donovan Shannon  3 weeks back

                                  the game was scheduled 3 yrs ago cant help Duke is not on BAMA's level

                              • TRUMP Voter
                                TRUMP Voter  3 weeks back

                                Why did you not show the first touch down by Alabama in from the 1st quarter? Forgive me Cajun34 for being human. Rather I write like a caveman or not is not important. What matters is what I think and not others. So look in the mirror. What is in your heart, pride or judgment or maybe both. Have bless day friend

                                • RajunCajun34
                                  RajunCajun34  3 weeks back

                                  Why you not type all words for sentence? Are you caveman?

                              • Paul
                                Paul  3 weeks back

                                Vid looks like crap.

                                • Roger Meadows
                                  Roger Meadows  3 weeks back

                                  No Touchdowns WHY

                                  • Bret Maverick
                                    Bret Maverick  3 weeks back

                                    dont say full game when its not

                                    • Tommy C
                                      Tommy C  3 weeks back

                                      I thought Shannon had more class than put his name on something like this

                                  • Jason Waters
                                    Jason Waters  3 weeks back

                                    Hey Skip and Shannon.... wtf? Y'all Duke fans or what? No TD's for Bama shown? What's that about?

                                    • Tommy C
                                      Tommy C  2 weeks back

                                      Skip hates Bama, but Shannon likes Bama.

                                    • Lnor pal
                                      Lnor pal  3 weeks back

                                      @rks note Skip is a oklahoma and ohio st. Nutlicker.

                                    • rks note
                                      rks note  3 weeks back

                                      They don't want Tua to win the Heisman, yet he showing all of Jalen Hurts TDs in the Oklahoma game.

                                  • Jayehuncho
                                    Jayehuncho  3 weeks back

                                    Show the touchdowns

                                    • 100anti
                                      100anti  3 weeks back

                                      our wr need to run out more and get tds. good job freshmens.

                                      • 100anti
                                        100anti  3 weeks back

                                        105 devonta and tua has a bond of wins. tua should not be a place kick!

                                    • 100anti
                                      100anti  3 weeks back

                                      6:28 le au tamo'e tau ona kamoe i le tu tamatau, tele le avanoa e kapu ai le polo...tau ona fai ai. e le mafai e tamoe sa'o ma kapu.

                                      • hahah lol
                                        hahah lol  3 weeks back


                                      • 100anti
                                        100anti  3 weeks back

                                        @31TITAN lol Tama aupito I luga, malolo lelei lol.

                                      • 31TITAN
                                        31TITAN  3 weeks back

                                        Kua le malamalama a'u i le faakoga a oe malo kapu😂😂😂 ai se kapu kaele a le kou aiga gae kau fa'akau a suga😝

                                    • Walker Texas Ranger
                                      Walker Texas Ranger  3 weeks back


                                      • soevasive
                                        soevasive  3 weeks back


                                        • Tony Stracener
                                          Tony Stracener  3 weeks back

                                          Thanks for the upload.

                                          • Blake still in the game

                                            Tua pure D garbage! We never should have let Jalen get away. This will be a long Ass season for bama.

                                            • Benji Clay
                                              Benji Clay  3 weeks back

                                              Blake still in the game what are you talking about? Tua went 26/31 with 336 yards and 4 tds

                                          • Richard Anguna
                                            Richard Anguna  3 weeks back

                                            Thank you for the upload bro

                                            • hahah lol
                                              hahah lol  3 weeks back

                                              Appreciate the upload .