Duke Basketball 2014-15: From Heartbreak to the Mountain Top (The Journey of a Champion)

  • Published: 03 July 2016
  • A2More Productions presents "Duke Basketball 2014-15: From Heartbreak to the Mountain Top (The Journey of a Champion)." On March 21, 2014, No. 14 Mercer shocked the world by upsetting No. 3 Duke, sending the Blue Devils home after the first round of the Tournament for the second time in three years. A little over a year later, Coach K tied John Wooden by taking Duke to his 12th Final Four. During the season, the Blue Devils' mantra was "Eight is Enough," and all 8 players were certainly needed in Indy. In a game where the freshmen scored 60 out of Duke's 68 points, and every point after half time, it was unheralded freshman Grayson Allen who decided to have his coming out party. Down 9 with just under 13 minutes to go, Allen scored 8 straight points, before Tyus Jones eventually took over to seal the comeback. With Duke's 5th National Championship in the books, lone senior Quinn Cook finally got his long-awaited and much-deserved banner to hang in Cameron Indoor Stadium. Coach Mike Krzyzewski got his 5th ring, breaking a tie with Adolph Rupp for second most championships ever by a coach, now trailing only John Wooden's 10. With footage from every game played during the season, enjoy this video as you relive the magic of Duke's run towards its fifth National Championship.

    Highlights Include:
    1) Duke's 81-71 win over Michigan State in the Champions Classic (2:51)
    2) Duke's tone-setting 80-70 win over #2 Wisconsin at the Kohl Center in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge (5:44)
    3) Coach K's 1000th win, after Duke's 77-68 comeback victory against St. John's at The Garden (11:09)
    4) Duke's 69-63 comeback win at then-undefeated #2 Virginia (13:30)
    5) Duke's 92-90 OT victory against rival #15 UNC, after trailing by 9 with 2 minutes 25 seconds to play, and by 5 with 47 seconds left (17:49)
    6) Duke's 84-77 win at #19 UNC, to complete the season sweep (22:27)
    7) Duke's NCAA Tournament wins against Robert Morris (W 85-56) (25:50) // San Diego State (W 68-49) (26:29) // #19 Utah (W 63-57) (27:17) // #7 Gonzaga (W 66-52) (28:36) // #23 Michigan State (W 81-61) (31:48) // and #3 Wisconsin (W 68-63) (34:19)

    Music Used:
    Explosions In The Sky - Your Hand In Mine (remix with strings by YouTube user "greywood music")
    Explosions In The Sky - First Breath After Coma
    The Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of the Birds & Transformation
    Coldplay - Fix You Instrumental (Official) (by YouTube user "Kriz1642")
    Instrumental Core & Really Slow Motion - Let There Be Light (Angels Among Demons)

    All rights go to Duke University, Duke Basketball, ESPN, ACC Conference, ACC Network, Fox Sports, T3MediaSports, Universal Music Group, CBS and its affiliates, the NCAA and its broadcasters. I do not own the music or the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. This video is non-profit, made for entertainment purposes only.

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  • Sp 27762
    Sp 27762  2 weeks back

    Plays like 29:41 are what made this team so special. Every possession counts when you want to win a national title.

    • shaquille parsons
      shaquille parsons  3 months back

      Grayson Allen was with the team and he is now a sophomore in the nba he wanted to learn more from coach K

      • Loose Foreskin
        Loose Foreskin  3 months back

        as a diehard kentucky fan i can honestly say, wow what some warriors these kids were special and would’ve loved to see the matchup between us and duke.

        • Lord Hugenstein
          Lord Hugenstein  3 months back

          gayson allen is an annoying cunt. . just like so many little prick zebra babied players at puke have been. I think he is now manning a glory hole at a gay bar in Taiwan.

          • Lord Hugenstein
            Lord Hugenstein  3 months back

            The zebras and ncaa did another great job handing the pukes from duke and their over rated rat faced coach another title in 2015. Totally fucking Wisconsin the last 10 minutes of the game. . . after staking the entire tournament. . putting Wisconsin, Undefeated Kentucky, North Carolina, Arizona and Oregon on one side of the bracket. . while walking duke by the hand to the final on the other side of the bracket. NCAA basketball officially died with 10 minutes left in the 2015 championship game. . when coach K(rybaby) called one of his patented time outs with puke down by 9 points. . . not to coach his players. . but to cry and whine to all the zebras. From that point on the zebras totally fucked Wisconsin. . .just like they fucked Arizona in a final against duke. . or Butler in a final against duke. . . or UNLV in the semi final in 1991. . . duke is the ncaas favorite son and cash cow. . . coach k is the most over rated coach in history. . how the fuck he could lose this year with zion willimason. . cam reddish and all the other 5 star talent I will never know. . of course this is the same over rated coach who has lost to fucking mercer and friggin' lehigh in the tournament as well.

            • Seabass25
              Seabass25  4 months back

              Wisconsin deserved that ship

              • Daniel Silecchia
                Daniel Silecchia  4 months back

                Quinn you don’t have a banner, you’ve been at Duke and you don’t have a banner

                You got a banner....
                may 2019 anyone?

                • Landon Reilly
                  Landon Reilly  5 months back

                  My 3 favorite players on this team are
                  1. Tyus Jones
                  2.Grayson Allen
                  3.Justice Winslow

                  • Lord Hugenstein
                    Lord Hugenstein  3 months back

                    only a faggot could stand watching little flopping bitch GAYson allen. I heard he is now manning a glory hole at a sleazy gay bar in Taiwan.

                • NYMETS NYGIANTS & DUKE
                  NYMETS NYGIANTS & DUKE  5 months back

                  I have NO TIES to D-U-K-E University,nor do I have any ties to the state of North Carolina...My family and I,are LIFELONG NEW YORKERS(MOSTLY FROM BROOKLYN).I've been following D-U-K-E basketball since '95 - '96.I was 12 years old when I started following college sports.

                  #LONGLIVE D-U-K-E!

                  #LET'S GO DUKE!
                  #FIGHT DUKE FIGHT!


                  • Bryan Lopez
                    Bryan Lopez  5 months back

                    Fuckin music is obnoxious.

                    • Mohmar-Kwesi Nosakehne'
                      Mohmar-Kwesi Nosakehne'  5 months back

                      YEAH, I DID Watch the WHOLE Video.
                      Of Course. WHY NOT ?

                      I've been a fan of The 'Dukies of Durham' since they Went to the 1978 NATIONAL Title Game (under then HC BILL FOSTER...) & Lost to The U-Ken WILDCATS of HC JOE B. HALL., led by its Twin Towers of SAM BOWIE & MELVIN TURBIN.

                      THINK About It. Coach K has Won at least 1 NATIONAL Title in 3 Consecutive Decades. NO Other COLLEGE B-Ball Coach has accomplished that Feat.

                      NOT DEAN SMITH (UNC) NOT ADOLF RUPP (KENTUCKY) NOT BOBBY KNIGHT (INDIANA & TEXAS TECH) NOT Even the Great JOHN WOODEN (UCLA). Also, the 1st College B-Ball Coach to Pass the 1, 000 WINS Mark.

                      I knew the Story of the 3 Squads that gave Coach K the 1st 4 NATIONAL Titles. I saw the LAETTNER/HURRY/HILL Boyz Squads of the early '90s Back-to-Back. Then, the BATTIER/BOOZER/WILLIAMS one of 2001. And, the SMITH/SCHAYER/ZOUBEK one of 2010. All 3 Squads were Special in their Own Ways.....

                      BUT, this 2015 Squad WAS, I think, a Sheer ANOMALY. I Think Coach K even thought it was Still a YEAR AWAY from being in the FINAL FOUR. It really was an UNFORSEEABLE Event. Like a Hurricane ANDREW, or KATRINA

                      (uh, in a GOOD way, of course...)

                      I Believe that the 2015 BLUE-DEVIL Squad Revealed some Rare Qualities in this Great Coach:

                      (1) The Ability to LEARN from his Players, making him an even BETTER Coach.

                      (2) Being PATIENT & Allowing his Players to Develop in The SYSTEM. And Bonding Together as a Team.

                      (3) Letting THEM Enjoy The GAME as Youngsters.

                      This 2015 Squad REJUVENATED Coach K. He Had FUNN Coaching them. I Think Another NATIONAL Title WILL Come Coach K's Way, in the Next few yr. It Would Have Been REAL NICE, to have Seen ZION Stay until the End of his Junior Yr. But, the NBA Beckens for the Arrival of a NEW ' King JAMES ' or ' LJ' or ' Mini - SHAQ '

                      • chrisean marsden
                        chrisean marsden  5 months back

                        People talk about the3 freshman leading this team. But this team was easily 8 deep with players like Allen amile and plumlee coming off the bench. Plus senior leadership from cook.

                        • Aces Oofgod
                          Aces Oofgod  5 months back

                          Okafor loves traveling😂

                          • Real A2
                            Real A2  5 months back

                            The real best duke lineup sorry zion but they got a ring

                            • Kevin Jose
                              Kevin Jose  5 months back

                              Don't forget about barrett missing those FT's :()

                          • yungswade
                            yungswade  6 months back

                            2 years later n i still watch this

                            • Taylor Harding
                              Taylor Harding  6 months back

                              I think the best season that duke had

                              • Kr_buckets4 : Kyle Raquidan

                                We’re coming back in 2020 . Duke 8 championships for Coach K

                                • Vxie yt
                                  Vxie yt  6 months back

                                  Not duke, it’s PUKE

                                  • b u t t e r c u p
                                    b u t t e r c u p  6 months back

                                    Duke just took a big L

                                    • Presley Watson
                                      Presley Watson  6 months back

                                      I’m about to tear up💯

                                      • Bball TheBest
                                        Bball TheBest  6 months back

                                        anebody watching i 2019 duke winning the whole thing

                                        • Vonnyy YT
                                          Vonnyy YT  6 months back

                                          Too bad Mich St beat em

                                      • ross hunt
                                        ross hunt  6 months back

                                        Matt jones was so great on the defensive side of the ball an could hit those clutch 3s

                                        • 4 swagiful students
                                          4 swagiful students  6 months back

                                          Tyus Jones looks like trey jones

                                          • Arthur P.Nastacio
                                            Arthur P.Nastacio  6 months back

                                            unc all the way

                                            • Bobby Pruitt
                                              Bobby Pruitt  6 months back

                                              It feels like this was forever ago 💯💯💯

                                              • VoidZ Khromatik
                                                VoidZ Khromatik  6 months back


                                                • Kevin Wang
                                                  Kevin Wang  6 months back

                                                  3:44, tyus steps over his man🤭

                                                  • J
                                                    J  6 months back

                                                    Duke’s DOODOO

                                                    • J
                                                      J  6 months back

                                                      UNC ALL THE WAY

                                                      • Chris Akokoh
                                                        Chris Akokoh  6 months back

                                                        “I wouldn’t be surprised to see both these teams in the final four” 7:19

                                                        • Rebel Wolf
                                                          Rebel Wolf  6 months back

                                                          I like how they are all busts now in the nba nice

                                                          • g t
                                                            g t  4 weeks back

                                                            But, you are home watching them

                                                          • Puppet plush World 84
                                                            Puppet plush World 84  6 months back

                                                            Jah is resurging his career

                                                          • ChiraqDaPlu
                                                            ChiraqDaPlu  6 months back

                                                            Justice isn’t , He is decent for the heat rn if you ask me.

                                                        • Donovan Tatum
                                                          Donovan Tatum  6 months back

                                                          Tyus. Quinn. Justise. Matt. Jahlil. The real fucking lineup.

                                                          • Fr3ddy VF
                                                            Fr3ddy VF  6 months back

                                                            Grayson Allen is a punk and a bad sport. He trips people for no reason. What a dumbass

                                                            • Zagzz ツ
                                                              Zagzz ツ  6 months back

                                                              Im a eva fan why am i watching this?

                                                              • Hunter Kelly
                                                                Hunter Kelly  6 months back

                                                                When duke wins the championship this year I need another one of these because this is freaking amazing

                                                                • Holden Schmidt Sports talk
                                                                  Holden Schmidt Sports talk  4 months back

                                                                  How did that turn out LOL refs in your favor and lucky shots not going in

                                                                • Macdonald15
                                                                  Macdonald15  5 months back

                                                                  Alexander Palmer WTF R U TALKING ABOUT THE CHAMPION SHIP WAS A WEEK AND A HALF AGO BANDWAGON

                                                                • Alexander Palmer
                                                                  Alexander Palmer  6 months back

                                                                  @raiderpower13 Respect that, Ill be rooting for tech this saturday! :)

                                                                • raiderpower13
                                                                  raiderpower13  6 months back

                                                                  @Alexander Palmer it would make for a good storyline if UVA wins. From disgrace to the top of the mountain. Gotta support my alma mater though; Guns up!

                                                                • Alexander Palmer
                                                                  Alexander Palmer  6 months back

                                                                  @raiderpower13 I think you mean the Cavalaiers; Go Hoos!

                                                              • Gregg Blade
                                                                Gregg Blade  6 months back

                                                                I'll never forget this team... what a ride. Let's do it again! 2k19!

                                                                • Arion Civilization
                                                                  Arion Civilization  6 months back

                                                                  Who’s ready for the NCAA tournament?!

                                                                • Ryan Blabbermuffin
                                                                  Ryan Blabbermuffin  6 months back

                                                                  This is absolutely incredible. I got chills and shed a couple of tears while watching through the whole thing.

                                                                  Tyus is so similar to Tre, it’s so unreal.

                                                                  Coach K led these amazing freshmen to the 2015 National Championship!!!

                                                                  I think they’ll win it all this year in March Madness, so bring on the Blue!!! #DukeForever🙏🏻💙🏀

                                                                  • Puppet plush World 84
                                                                    Puppet plush World 84  6 months back

                                                                    @Ryan Blabbermuffin tyus is a better time shooter tre is a better defender

                                                                  • Ryan Blabbermuffin
                                                                    Ryan Blabbermuffin  6 months back

                                                                    Ben Long yeah I knew. Based on this document, Tyus and Tre, currently, have a similar playing style. That’s what I was trying to get at.

                                                                  • Ben Long
                                                                    Ben Long  6 months back

                                                                    That’s because there brothers

                                                                • brady chick
                                                                  brady chick  6 months back

                                                                  🤴Duke 2019 ACC TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS.CONGRATS✌

                                                                  • JBA
                                                                    JBA  6 months back

                                                                    ive already watched this 2 times lmao

                                                                    • goatzay
                                                                      goatzay  6 months back

                                                                      Anybody whose going to say there bust that’s a cap because they barely got an opportunity to play in games so how were they supposed to developed

                                                                      • goatzay
                                                                        goatzay  6 months back

                                                                        North Carolina where u at

                                                                        • Awesome2_Mr
                                                                          Awesome2_Mr  6 months back

                                                                          Man...I seriously underrated Quinn Cook as a player

                                                                          • chrisean marsden
                                                                            chrisean marsden  5 months back

                                                                            Awesome2_Mr yeah that’s what this years duke team missed someone like him.

                                                                        • Student Chason CooperSmith

                                                                          This Jones loke look tre jones

                                                                          • yeeyeee
                                                                            yeeyeee  6 months back

                                                                            I've always been a fan of Duke basketball, but this team made me fall IN LOVE with the brotherhood

                                                                            • Twitch suvverz
                                                                              Twitch suvverz  6 months back

                                                                              I was at the duke intros

                                                                              • Arkansas Baseball Omaha
                                                                                Arkansas Baseball Omaha  7 months back

                                                                                This video just made me be a true duke fan

                                                                              • AnonymousDavidR
                                                                                AnonymousDavidR  7 months back

                                                                                Duke sucks