Duke Blue Devils Fight Song


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  • william mcleod
    william mcleod  9 months back

    Let’s go duke yay!

    • dj barker
      dj barker  10 months back

      We do us😈😲F.unc

      • Carmen Ramsey
        Carmen Ramsey  10 months back

        Some people hate trump some people hate Hillary but every body hates duke

        • KUO LEE
          KUO LEE  10 months back

          Who come here for Zion Williamson?

          • JoshCT K
            JoshCT K  10 months back

            DUKE 1991, 92, 01, 09, 15 and 2019 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, BABY!

            • Super sporty all star 123
              Super sporty all star 123  7 months back

              Um re check that go green

            • 24AMPER
              24AMPER  7 months back

              @JoshCT K Let's see that VTech game. Oh look, they're doing well, playing better than Duke. Maybe they'll be the - wait, no, Duke turned on God mode.

              I seriously want to see this team upset, but damn. These guys are the masters in the clutch. Elite 8 they go. Next target: The Spartans.

            • JoshCT K
              JoshCT K  8 months back

              @24AMPER I may have had a mild heart attack. Duke somehow dodged a bullet but they are on to the Sweet 16 to hopefully get revenge against VA Tech!

            • 24AMPER
              24AMPER  8 months back

              Unfortunately, that's wrong. They just got stunned by UC-
              ...Oh. Never mind then, the dream lives.

          • Cindy Ramos
            Cindy Ramos  1 years back

            Hey Blue Devils
            fight song

            • Freeman Allen
              Freeman Allen  1 years back

              Go duke! For Carolina will be stuck in tar forever!

              • Yezenia Murray
                Yezenia Murray  1 years back

                Blue and white makes Duke my fravite team ya baby let's go

                • donald trump
                  donald trump  2 years back

                  F****** Blue Devils all the way ...

                  • donald trump
                    donald trump  2 years back

                    Fuck ncu#DUKE😈

                    • JevaughnSmith2019
                      JevaughnSmith2019  2 years back

                      GO Blue Devils!!!!

                      • Hannah Tolbert
                        Hannah Tolbert  2 years back

                        Y'all come out to the granite bowl in Elbert county and support us on September the 7th and 14th if u can thanks 😘

                        • Hannah Tolbert
                          Hannah Tolbert  2 years back

                          OMG we have to play this ,this year and if in 7th grade plus it's at the granite bowl

                          • UF FAN
                            UF FAN  3 years back

                            Fuck PUKE UNC is the best Carolina school you and NCstate can go away👍👍

                            • Athan Wilson
                              Athan Wilson  3 years back

                              UNC FAN did you major in underwater basket weaving?

                          • Keyon Konceited
                            Keyon Konceited  3 years back

                            Carolina>Duke> NC State

                            • Rogelio Coronado
                              Rogelio Coronado  3 years back

                              Go To Hell Carolina

                              • Italy Fan
                                Italy Fan  3 years back


                                • Pastor Caleb White
                                  Pastor Caleb White  3 years back

                                  Duke all day baby

                                • Apoorv Sharma
                                  Apoorv Sharma  3 years back

                                  YES!! Go Blue Devils!

                                  • thesby tolbert
                                    thesby tolbert  3 years back

                                    NICE! "VERY VERY NICE FIGHT SONG!", but Duke is still very expensive to attend like $61, 000 a year! ha, ha, ha...ha! he, he, he...he!

                                    • Rand Dingo
                                      Rand Dingo  3 years back

                                      because its the better education hahaha! he he hee!!

                                  • Noah Dalton
                                    Noah Dalton  4 years back

                                    I'm back on the weird side of YouTube with all the puke fans I'm going back to UNC videos screw puke go heels

                                    • Stebay
                                      Stebay  3 years back

                                      we actually have go to hell duke in our fight song pussies

                                    • Brian Smith
                                      Brian Smith  3 years back

                                      Mining Master go to hell Carolina go to hell

                                  • Adam Potter
                                    Adam Potter  4 years back

                                    here we come Oregon

                                    • ɓlαҡε
                                      ɓlαҡε  4 years back

                                      I've tried to be respectful to Puke fans, but they're just as despicable and snobbish as the team. Heels all day everyday!

                                      • Brian Smith
                                        Brian Smith  3 years back

                                        go to hell Carolina go to hell

                                    • Thomas Long
                                      Thomas Long  4 years back

                                      Go, Duke!..."Carolina, good night…."

                                      • Joshua Solomon
                                        Joshua Solomon  4 years back

                                        +Thomas Long Those lyrics are never used. They tend to be a little more vulgar than that.

                                        PS: GTHC.

                                    • B_side 86
                                      B_side 86  4 years back

                                      I have always like the basketball team love these guys since I was a kid I hope we another one next season

                                      • Uchihafan25
                                        Uchihafan25  5 years back

                                        Five-time National Champs! Blue Devils baby! :D

                                        • t rEEpEr
                                          t rEEpEr  7 months back

                                          @Nzsty Clxver I predicted it a year ahead of time...

                                        • Nzsty Clxver
                                          Nzsty Clxver  7 months back

                                          @t rEEpEr Lets ignore that happened

                                        • t rEEpEr
                                          t rEEpEr  2 years back

                                          Uchihafan25 this year Sparty is gonna get you back. WE WANT YOU. GO GREEN.

                                      • Chi Zhang
                                        Chi Zhang  5 years back

                                        We are the Champions!!!

                                        • Christopher Zavala
                                          Christopher Zavala  5 years back

                                          They suck

                                        • J Muir
                                          J Muir  5 years back

                                          It makes me happy that Duke's disdain for UNC is enshrined in its fight song. Now that's a rivalry.

                                          • Gavin McCollum
                                            Gavin McCollum  3 weeks back

                                            The official fight song lyrics are much tamer than what is actually sung

                                        • TheShark Bowl
                                          TheShark Bowl  5 years back

                                          I know it's weird but I really like both Duke and Tar Heels 😂

                                          • Haley Yarbrough
                                            Haley Yarbrough  5 years back

                                            NOooOoooo Tar HEELS!

                                          • Steven Head
                                            Steven Head  5 years back

                                            Fuck the Blue Devils, GO TARHEELS!!!!!!!

                                            • Trevor Hawkins
                                              Trevor Hawkins  5 years back

                                              Sounds too much like Ohio States at the begining.

                                              • Daniel Blackwell
                                                Daniel Blackwell  6 years back

                                                goo duke!!!!!!

                                                • TJ Gillen
                                                  TJ Gillen  7 years back

                                                  i wanted duke to beat louisville, but there was an emotional victory for "snappy" ware. louisville is def gonna beat wichita st. i got michigan over syracuse, but i don't think either team can beat louisville

                                                  • TJ Gillen
                                                    TJ Gillen  7 years back

                                                    oh thank god. syraCUSE oranges. also known as the Q's. instead of syracuse i call them queeracuse

                                                    • Vince Niederman
                                                      Vince Niederman  7 years back

                                                      Duke fan in new jersey Go Blue Devils!

                                                      • TJ Gillen
                                                        TJ Gillen  7 years back

                                                        final four
                                                        michigan state
                                                        sorry duke...

                                                        • williamhowe1
                                                          williamhowe1  7 years back

                                                          My other final four pick. Sorry Louisville.

                                                          • Blue Green
                                                            Blue Green  7 years back

                                                            Who has The Bell, Sorry UNC

                                                            • *lol*
                                                              *lol*  2 weeks back

                                                              Who got it now bitch... GO HEELS

                                                          • Theycallmeevan
                                                            Theycallmeevan  7 years back

                                                            Bet y'all fell blue now

                                                            • PADRESCHARGERS4EVER
                                                              PADRESCHARGERS4EVER  7 years back

                                                              Same here

                                                              • Throat Yogurt
                                                                Throat Yogurt  7 years back

                                                                Still kinda awkward that a marching band is more widely known than this athletic program.

                                                                • Andrew M
                                                                  Andrew M  7 years back

                                                                  Duke jump up and bite my ass! Go Tarheels!

                                                                  • Fetus Stomper
                                                                    Fetus Stomper  7 years back

                                                                    Going for the bell go unc ass fucks

                                                                    • Carson Giggerstaff
                                                                      Carson Giggerstaff  7 years back

                                                                      A whole lot better than UK. At least we have more than three teeth in our cheering section and team combined.

                                                                      • Nona horan
                                                                        Nona horan  7 years back

                                                                        oh please! we can kick the tar hells ass anyday!!! GO BLUE DEVILS!!!!

                                                                        • MrUSA21
                                                                          MrUSA21  8 years back

                                                                          Duke!!!!! Kick them rams back to Carolina!